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Cooking Up a Healthy Serving of Soul

Hey there everybody, happy weekend!

I never really liked cooking when I was a teenager, of course how many teenagers do?

As I got older, I became interested in cooking and begin to achieve a certain level of a joy from it. Living by myself for many years allowed me to realize that I enjoyed cooking but only when it was enjoyed by others.

I like meshing together flavors and ideas creating new things to taste but I like the feedback. I like to see the reaction of people when they try it. I enjoy the sensations and the fizzle inside my body that occurs whenever I see somebody eating the delicious food I prepared. I’m sharing myself. I’m sharing my mind. I’m sharing my palate. And I’m sharing nourishment. It’s a form of art that so many have forgotten.

Enjoy your next meal as if it were a ceremony. We have so many opportunities in each day to relish individual tiny moments and appreciate them for what they are.

Creative Sprint 4.17

Creative Sprint into Spring!

Hi there!
I was involved in the Art-O-Mat art project many years ago and met many brilliant artists. Noah Scalin was one of those amazing artists. He dazzled me with his skull a day project and i have been an avid follower and supporter ever since. 

The annual Creative Sprint is a self-driven, month long exploration into your creative side. You may pick a theme or just go with the flow. The daily emails give you ideas with which to base your creativity on. That little birdie whispering in your ear…that inspiration dancing on the breeze.

Join us in self-expression and preservation of the arts!  And don’t forget to share!!!

It’s free, link ⏬⏬⏬

Enjoy your evening!

Pieces for Sale in Shop

Why I’m TheCuriousSpider- the Etsy tie in

Happy Thursday all! 

I’m giving my linked accounts a trial run here…  My blog, as you may or may not know, is titled after My shop since it all encompasses the same aspect of me. The same part of my mind is behind the creation of both words and ideas, manifesting with paint or beads or shells. 

Its all an organic process that is a journey. Our place in time to be cherished. 
That being said….⏬⏬⏬Give my shop a visit. 🙂  
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Pieces for Sale in Shop

The Body as a Brush Project

Hello and good evening!

In my efforts to find continual inspiration within myself and new ways to express that inspiration, I have begun a new project that I call ‘the Body as a Brush’ project. 

What if…in some futuristic world of an apocalyptic nature…there are no brushes? Not much canvas anywhere? Barely any paint to be found? Underground artists hiding in the shadows of the postrumpalypse…using charred remains of the burned buildings for the medium or remnants of melted wax. Using make shift paint on old windows or scraps of found wood. Because that’s the only thing that’s left…
Process: Starting small and simple, from the bottom up with acrylics and canvas paper, I created my first series of 4 ocean themed pieces. 

Roots of the Chi (above)

Squid in the Reef 

Anemones on the coral

Underwater Sunset

For these pieces, I washed my feet and slathered them with paint to create the reef and coral for the watery scenes. Spring and St. Patrick’s Day had me feeling the green.

This was a fun project to dust off the rust and be creative! 


Hi hi hi there!

Thanks for visiting! 

I’ve always enjoyed writing and using words for an outlet. Having started at what I now realize was actually early, in the 7th grade with the wonderfully amazing Ms. Penny Pence, I’ve experienced too vast of a break. 

Recently I vacated Pittsburgh and returned to North Carolina, this time to the coast. I fell in love with the sandy beaches, historic town and super cute at home vibe. Never shaking the feeling that I belonged here, destiny intervened and allowed me to return.

I decided to name this blog after my ‘TheCuriousSpider’ shop on Etsy and Instagram since they are also the artistic extension of myself, as this will be. It seemed logical to link it up namewise.

Welcome and feel free to participate!

– Heather aka Spiderchik