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Sands of Time

There’s a wrustling of the tall grass behind the crashing of the waves, coaxing to shore or softly is the Nor’easter wind. The m

ist that sprays is at least 2 feet tall and interludes of Serenity pass through when the wind quiet.

The gritty calmness inside this natural chaos is my safe place.

People mill about but I barely notice because all I hear is crash and splash.

The sand gets picked up in a cyclone of wind and performs a lovely dance for me, circling and swirling in perfect time the rhythm around me. Used inside every movement can be felt as an internal touch and connection with this place in time.

It stretches, it’s expanse. It touches from me to you anytime we need it to.

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Direction and where to go

Mind opening experiences are good for the soul and allow us to notice pathways for sharing that may not have been there before.

A clarity like no other that will allow you the insight for direction.

I write from this place- my mind and soul…unaware if anyone is even reading this.

I like that. No pressure. No likes needed. Conversation always welcomed. We can even meet up and talk if you want.

I’m a face to face’er.

Dying breed.

Memoirs to come…

Yours So Very Truly,


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Porch Swing

The slow sounds of the liquid drip….drop…splash…against the leaves. Against the concrete.

Commerce is a delicate hum in the distance, carrying its voice through the fog and the moisture.

The feathered ones chime in periodically as they awaken. I imagine them broadcasting the morning traffic report to each other and sharing news of the ocean from seagulls.

Busting through the silence is a shirtless running man. His sneakers sound sandy and gritty as they scuff against pavement. He doesn’t see me. Silent observing from the veil of the porch swing shadow.

Only ten minutes has passed, but the fog is already lifting and the sky is splitting open to reveal the light underbelly of the new day.

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Watercolor & Painting

Previously, I didn’t like watercolors.

At all.

I hated the opaque transparency and how they didn’t layer with a thickness of acrylic.

Maybe it’s the ocean air…perhaps the new fascination of painting the watery subject matter around me…but my new love of watercolor has ignited because of watercolor pens. Its one of those annoying IG ads that popped up….but it was a wonderful experience.

Using various techniques with salt, sand, oil & alcohol an effect can be created that adds depth and feeling to a watercolor painting. No more single layer transparency.

Art is not defined anyway…who says watercolors can’t be reinvented with a thickness of blood?

I, for one, enjoy breaking molds.

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Inspiration versus Imitation

I feel like a broken episode of Black Mirror on technological repeat, but with my age and existence I’m stuck in this constant realization of the way things were versus the way things are.

This topic of thought arose from my own personal battle between inspiration and imitation. With social media, there’s little to be left to the imagination in the personal arena. While Instagram is a flurry of artistry, I think that artists are giving way too much away.

As an artist, your art and your craft is your own technique and that’s what makes the soul of what you are creating. Almost like a trademark. I truly believe that they are personal and are not to be shared. Sharing the finished product is something different. But the process by which it’s created is the personality that I Infuse into it and that is the intimate ritual.

There is an overtone of hippocracy if you are videotaping a process & posting it online and then becoming angry because somebody created something similar to yours.

There must be secrets in order to avoid imitation. Then the only thing left is inspiration.

There lies the difference.

Example: I see a real skull that has crystals fastened to it with clay. Its purple with quartz. Now, if I attempt to replicate it…that’s imitation.

If I use the idea of clay with bone and crystals to create a sculpture, then THAT is inspiration.

No matter how you view it, creating something no one has ever seen is quite the task for an artist. I’m confident originality still exists, we just need to look beyond what we know to find the freedom to see it.

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The Evolution of Human Behavior

It’s not about learning all we can and getting to some ‘point’ of stopping. That would work out beautifully if the world would stop changing. But we know it’s not. And it won’t.

What we’ve got to do is adapt. Adaptation requires learning. Learning requires teaching. It’s a process, an action. Not an object with a definitive end result.

We learn from each other. Actions, words. If we take the time to explain to someone that takes the time to listen, a beautiful thing occurs.


We teach each other. Every day we have the capacity to learn new things if we can put aside that part of our ego that stops us. Gets embarrassed. Feels vulnerable.

If we allow ourselves to know we could use some help with understanding, we won’t be so quick to resist it.

I feel as if social media has backfired and is now causing us to feel more isolated from each other than connected. It seems to bring out the negativity in people and the lashing out instead of the open forum for discussion, which I imagine was the intended platform when this idea first came to pass.

People as a whole, families and friends, find little to no time to be in each other’s physical company. I’ve had online discussions (the irony) about this phenomenon and it seems to be most age groups experience the same thing. Families just aren’t getting together as much as they used to. Friends are not going over to each other’s houses. There is some sort of isolation between human beings that is occurring because we are infiltrated with devices and alternative ways to stay connected.

The lack of human touch in society now is creating issues and I will address this further in an article to come.

No matter how you look at it we are in the throes of human behavior changing, evolving into something that has been heavily influenced by technology and social media. Only years down the road will we be able to look back and see where it all began. And I think what we will find it was right around now.

As always, thoughts and opinions are welcomed in discussion.

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Chronicles of a Childless Mother


Only since freeing myself from the confines of birth control have I been able to fully feel my body.

Every thing. The changes. Physical activity and gym results can actually be felt, sensed and measured. Each muscle I work, every ache and pain.

During the 48 hour span that happens twelve times a year, I feel like an alien. Eggs. I have eggs. And they move in tubes inside my body.

What about that doesn’t sound completely insane?!

The thoughts that accompany it…from reassessing my worth as a human to imagining myself as a mother or wife. Wondering if any of that will ever actually happen.

The window is closing…although I’m unsure of how quickly. The inability to put a time frame on these things is maddening in itself.

How long do I have if I want to be a mother? I’ve thought about it and waited 3 decades to decide. And now that I have, I fear it won’t happen and I’ll be left with no connection with this unmade part of me.

I’ve never been proposed to, so maybe I’m just not wife material. I might not be the type of person someone can see themselves getting older with.

These are some of the thoughts that plague the mind of a 39 year old unmarried and childless woman hitting the next stage of her life.

It feels more like a collision course set for hell on some days.

Comments and supportive conversation welcomed!

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Fruity Loop Da Loop

When you grow up sheltered, the world as an adult is a very different place and it takes a great amount of adjusting.

Parents shelter children for different reasons, whether it be to protect them from their own personal fears or to try to keep them from ever being hurt. As Noble as it is, sheltering to an extreme doesn’t do anybody any favors.

Additionally, as an only child, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to other people until I got into kindergarten. Before that it was mostly family members. I guess you could say there were behavioral issues because I didn’t know how to act around other kids or how to begin a conversation with them if I wanted to see the toy they had. So I would just take it and of course that caused problems and it kind of escalated from there. Next thing you know, five year old Heather is sitting in the corner drinking her milk for a week.

I’m not blaming anyone here, I’m just recalling the facts as I experienced them.

Fast forward to the rest of my adult life and it was mostly spent working a full-time job, putting myself through school and trying to maintain a relationship that had no business being in.

After getting out, I spent the better part of the next decade living alone and supporting myself. Working two jobs was often a thing because Pittsburgh sucked so badly in the winter time you needed something to occupy your mind. Of course extra money never hurts either.

All of these experiences coupled with a few traumatic life events have molded me into a pretty anxious and tightly wound individual… wanting to be in the know. Kept aware and in the loop. After spending so many years being told nothing I am a huge advocate of communication. I like talking and discussing things, just mouthing words and being able to hear another person say them.

Communication consists of listening, talking, gestures, body language, word structure, expressions. I enjoy all of that. The short term memory loss issues I still have from the car accident unfortunately make me one of those blurters because I’m afraid I’m going to forget what I want to say. Unless I have a notebook with me, then I can write it down and it’s different.

The only way to get better at something is to do it a little more often. I want to make that a point to follow in the next few months.

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Chronicles of a Childless Mother

I thought I did things the right way.

After watching my halfsister become pregnant at an early age and what it did for causing stress…I knew it was best to wait.

So here I am. Soon to be 40. Never pregnant. Never married. Not on birth control. But ready.

The biological clock is something that is difficult to put into words…but it’s that tearing inside my chest when I see a baby or small child with their loving parents. A mother talking to her tiny person with a connection that could not possibly be understood by anyone else.

Having no full blooded brothers or sisters, I grew up not knowing I was missing anything…until I had a real connection and then it was gone. Those times when you feel it so you know how deep it can go. Knowing things without saying because you don’t have to.

I want that. A connection to something. To feel a collective part of something bigger.

Maybe I need to join a cult.

Drink the koolaid.

Might as well.

With each day that passes, I continue to strive for a deep connection with the people & things around me, despite negative opposition from the world.

It wears me down. I only hope to have enough energy to be productive and attempt to keep my latent thoughts at bay.

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The Death of Communication

Communication as we know it has changed drastically over the last 2 decades.

I was born in 1978. I grew up playing board games, being outside all summer & talking to people face to face.

Vivid recollections of little kid anxiety circled around having to ask someone to have something kept me rehearsing what I was going to say for hours.

People can’t seem to speak to each other in person without getting anxiety much anymore. I’m sure we all know someone who’s anxious (me included), but the key is handling it. Meditation, deep breathing, talking to someone, writing it down. All effective.

The world is a screwy place. It’s kind of gone to shit, and the least we can do is try to hold onto that bit of humanity and connection that’s left. That involves speaking to each other, really listening and offering feedback without fear of ridicule or backlash.

Aspects of social media have created distance and paranoia where there should be none and studies actually show decreased negativity and stress with decreased online time. Google it. It’s there.

Thank you for reading… But get off your phone and go visit someone you love!