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Sleep Bio for Overachievers💤

I require much less sleep to function at the optimal level than most. 6-7 is great. More than 7 is way too much & I’ll feel lethargic and groggy.

Sleep is hard and solid for the first 2-3 hours, I fall asleep quickly. But during the last 2 hours of the nights sleep, I can awaken easily. Then it’s difficult to return to sleep. I wake up in the morning with the most energy of the day. Within 5 minutes of opening my eyes, I’m ready to go. Think, plan, work out, clean. By 3:30, my energy plateaus and then it’s time to begin winding down for evening.

It’s 8:10 pm now, dark…I’m craving sweets and about ready to get into super chill mode.

Have a great night everyone!!

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Busy 🐝🐝

Writing has been unfortunately in a far of corner of my mind side business has picked up.

As with any artistic expression, it must come from within or its meaningless and boring. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve been jotting down snippets of topics to discuss. Points I’m pretty determined to make. Questions I have that I want perspective on.

Keep it to snippets and perhaps the frequency would follow…

Until later…

-your friendly neighborhood spiderchik

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The Detail Devil

I notice all of them.

Patterns. In behaviors, in clouds, in the mind.

Being able to not only notice the tiny details of something, but to categorize those details into smaller groups helps a person become aware.

Its about being present in the moment. Experience the holding on of time. Savoring it. Thinking of it while it’s happening so hard that you can taste it. I recall moments passing me by and wondering what I could do to make the amazing ones last longer.

The way I learned to capture moments by noticing details was aided through meditation. Although I could stand to keep a routine practice, the senses that were once fine tuned during mediating remain as such.

Being able to put down a phone, get away from your day and spend time settling your head does wonders. As well as leaving you with lasting positive effects.

Be well and happy weekend!


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Purrmaids, Mercats & Originality in the Tech Age

It’s so #simple to #share ideas now. Within the simplicity of this action lies a great amount of turmoil. 

The creative process is just that. A creative. Process. It evolves and it varies. From person to person. From instance to instance. It’s our own thing. Sometimes we make it up and have excellent results.

Now if we #share every aspect of our creative process by live video or by detailed photographic instruction, we are training someone else how to do it. Essentially…giving away our secrets and processes that make us able to create these stand out, truly original pieces. 

As an artist, I feel it is vital to house within ourselves a bit of mystery in the public eye. It gives an edge and creates an excellent platform from which to market.

Don’t share everything. Don’t tell everyone your processes and the secrets that make your work unique. 

Its a struggle to find something that hasn’t been done before because we spend so much time looking at other people’s work. Comparing. Attempting to use it as inspiration, but there’s a fine line between inspiration and an elaborate copy. Where do you draw the line?

Here’s my #1 idea for inspiration: Get off social media for 2 full weeks, minimum. Completely off. No posting, no trolling. 

Instead: Write. Sketch. Draw. Go for walks and take your pad with you. Draw everything you see…then draw mashups of what you see. Allow yourself to dive, I mean REALLY GTF IN your own mind. Try new mediums. Paint, markers, pencils, chalk. Strive for something that’s never been done. Something you’ve never seen.

If you’ve fine this and are still dry on crearivity: Visit my friend and fellow artist Noah Scalin’s Creative Sprint site and buy his book. It will definitely get you going, as it did me. 

Find yourself….get lost there. It will surprise you what treasures you find buried beneath the rubble of social media and judgement! 

Creative Writing

Anxiety’s Mistress

Gut wrenching.

Sharp jolts in the chest.
Shortness of breath.

That crippling fear that holds you like a rope in that moment you’re stuck inside.

Plaguing your mind like symbiote ooze…trying to convince you that nothing feels right. 



Anxiety is a crippling disorder effecting the lives of many that we know. A little over 18% of the population between the ages of 18-54 suffer from some form of anxiety. (1). I’m a little surprised that statistic isn’t higher to be honest. I have a feeling that in a couple of years due to social media, that we will see a rise in anxiety. If we haven’t already. I feel that the constant comparing that we’ve become accustomed to because of online posting has created a whole new form of anxiety. We wonder why we’re not doing the things the other person our age from our town is doing.

When I booked shows for bands a while back, it was surprising to me to find how many of those in bands didn’t enjoy the social aspect of being in a band. They enjoyed playing music and they enjoyed working with their band mates but when it came time to play at a venue no matter how small, anxiety would set in and they would want it to be over as quickly as possible.

My anxiety begin in the womb. Now you’re going to ask yourself how the hell would she know that? Well, I was born with a wrinkly thumb and the sonogram showed me sucking my thumb in the womb. This is a behavior associated with a stressed-out baby or child… which comes from a stressed-out mother. My mom was 21 when she had me and had lost her own mother to ovarian cancer just a few months before I was born. In addition to the relatively dysfunctional upbringing she had, this was the perfect recipe for a severely stressful pregnancy in the late seventies. 

I was a very anxious child around my parents and sucked my thumb until I was in kindergarten. I had to get these medieval like orthodontics to finally break me of the thumb sucking habit. Of course, all I did was trade nervous habits and to this day I have been an avid finger nail biter. It is the only addictive trait that I possess and the only thing I have never been able to quit or give up.

Because of things that happened to me in my adult life (stick around… I have tons of crazy stories), I have found ways to cope with anxiety and use yoga, meditation, and herbal methods to treat it. I used to go the pharmaceutical route but being on Xanax for 6 or 7 years took its own toll and I realized I needed to get off of it immediately.

It helps me to discuss the thoughts that cause me anxiety. Face to face social circles are shrinking and I feel we owe it to one another to have in person conversations. I love my online outlets, but nothing can replace the connection and calm of a friend in front of you telling you that things will be okay and that they believe you. That’s been the best remedy for anxiety that I’ve ever found. 

Maybe if we practiced that more, the sweeping anxiety society feels would lessen. 
Please feel free to share your thoughts on anxiety and how it effects you. 

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Hello friends and fellow humans, happy Monday to all of you!

Change is an action of life that is completely inevitable. We can institute change or change can inflict itself upon us without our expressed written consent. Most people, I have discovered, do not handle change well and certainly don’t welcome it. People like to be stuck in routine for some reason. I guess it’s comfortable, familiar and doesn’t cause us to have to think of any new things. Routine does have its positive aspect in that practice makes perfect! Routine allows us to do things so consistently that we should be getting better at them. That’s really the only time I involve myself in the action of routine.

I’m not sure when or how it happened but somewhere along the way I became quite chameleon like. Plummeted into so much involuntary change, (near fatal car accidents, house fire, robbery & identity theft) I played the cards I was dealt and now I’m left enjoying the sensation and thrill of new things. 

Most recently, I uprooted myself from the several years of stability I had created in order to try to find the internal peace that I have been lacking. It was frightening. It caused me a degree of unrest and pain. But I did it anyway. 

The payoff was worth it. It’s difficult to overcome the fears that are instilled in us by nature, we’ll never know if there’s anything out there unless we try.

What is the most frightening change that you’ve ever had to deal with in your life?

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Cooking Up a Healthy Serving of Soul

Hey there everybody, happy weekend!

I never really liked cooking when I was a teenager, of course how many teenagers do?

As I got older, I became interested in cooking and begin to achieve a certain level of a joy from it. Living by myself for many years allowed me to realize that I enjoyed cooking but only when it was enjoyed by others.

I like meshing together flavors and ideas creating new things to taste but I like the feedback. I like to see the reaction of people when they try it. I enjoy the sensations and the fizzle inside my body that occurs whenever I see somebody eating the delicious food I prepared. I’m sharing myself. I’m sharing my mind. I’m sharing my palate. And I’m sharing nourishment. It’s a form of art that so many have forgotten.

Enjoy your next meal as if it were a ceremony. We have so many opportunities in each day to relish individual tiny moments and appreciate them for what they are.