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Adopt your own ‘Captain of the High Seas’ handmade shell skull!

These Shelletons are meticulously handmade and collected from already deceased finds on shelling encouraged beaches in NC.

Shells are used as found and not altered in any way. Customs Available!

Pieces for Sale in Shop

Combining Sea and Space

Happy Tuesday! 

Moving to the coast coupled with a plethora of Alien and Star Trek movies has given me ideas about space tentacles on shells. In the link is one of the pendants listed on Etsy I had fun creating with a mini key.

It’s not my favorite though…pictured here in this post is the purple and teal one I made that I’m I love with and will likely keep!

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/520271458/sea-keeper-of-the-key-pendant

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Mermaid Tail Pillows Offer Comfort and Peaceful Sleep

HI there!

I wanted to talk more about my design for this mermaid tail pillow and introduce you to the reasoning behind the custom shape I designed.

From sitting in an office chair most of my working career, I developed shoulder and neck pains. The size and design of this pillow allow you to not only lean against it for back support but hold it to your side or prop it up for neck support while on a couch or chair. Also great to use as a yoga prop for restorative positions.

The fins are stuffed with soothing organic herbs like lavendar or chamomile to further evoke the sense of relaxation.  

I hope you enjoy the Etsy store items and the information available here on my blog. 

pillow link

Be Well!

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Catching Up and Etsy

In the social media world I had been neglecting the Etsy store a little bit. It gets pretty confusing out there trying to run a little side business… Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, LinkedIn, WordPress. 

Where does one find the time?!?

To run a successful side business online it seems that there has to be a plethora of posting done every week in order to get everybody’s attention. With the algorithms on the social media sites, especially Facebook lately, you never know who is seeing what you post and whether anybody is seeing it at all.

I think we worry about overloading people when in actuality we need to bombard them. Say 100 messages a week we put out maybe reach only 50 people once. Did anyone even SEE it twice? Marketing needs to be consistent and repeated with the same message or imagery in order to sink in and be recognized.

The technology age offers marketing and advertising challenges that I’m sure none of us could have predicted. Now we are left with our creative minds and skill-set to try to sort through this mess to get our message, product or service seen.

That being said… come visit me on Etsy 🙂

https://www.etsy.com/listing/518544290/mermaid-tail-sealife-The Curious Spider

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Why I’m TheCuriousSpider- the Etsy tie in

Happy Thursday all! 

I’m giving my linked accounts a trial run here…  My blog, as you may or may not know, is titled after My shop since it all encompasses the same aspect of me. The same part of my mind is behind the creation of both words and ideas, manifesting with paint or beads or shells. 

Its all an organic process that is a journey. Our place in time to be cherished. 
That being said….⏬⏬⏬Give my shop a visit. 🙂  
Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/508010586/orange-pink-and-green-dragonfly-sewable

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The Body as a Brush Project

Hello and good evening!

In my efforts to find continual inspiration within myself and new ways to express that inspiration, I have begun a new project that I call ‘the Body as a Brush’ project. 

What if…in some futuristic world of an apocalyptic nature…there are no brushes? Not much canvas anywhere? Barely any paint to be found? Underground artists hiding in the shadows of the postrumpalypse…using charred remains of the burned buildings for the medium or remnants of melted wax. Using make shift paint on old windows or scraps of found wood. Because that’s the only thing that’s left…
Process: Starting small and simple, from the bottom up with acrylics and canvas paper, I created my first series of 4 ocean themed pieces. 

Roots of the Chi (above)

Squid in the Reef 

Anemones on the coral

Underwater Sunset

For these pieces, I washed my feet and slathered them with paint to create the reef and coral for the watery scenes. Spring and St. Patrick’s Day had me feeling the green.

This was a fun project to dust off the rust and be creative!