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The Evolution of Human Behavior

It’s not about learning all we can and getting to some ‘point’ of stopping. That would work out beautifully if the world would stop changing. But we know it’s not. And it won’t.

What we’ve got to do is adapt. Adaptation requires learning. Learning requires teaching. It’s a process, an action. Not an object with a definitive end result.

We learn from each other. Actions, words. If we take the time to explain to someone that takes the time to listen, a beautiful thing occurs.


We teach each other. Every day we have the capacity to learn new things if we can put aside that part of our ego that stops us. Gets embarrassed. Feels vulnerable.

If we allow ourselves to know we could use some help with understanding, we won’t be so quick to resist it.

I feel as if social media has backfired and is now causing us to feel more isolated from each other than connected. It seems to bring out the negativity in people and the lashing out instead of the open forum for discussion, which I imagine was the intended platform when this idea first came to pass.

People as a whole, families and friends, find little to no time to be in each other’s physical company. I’ve had online discussions (the irony) about this phenomenon and it seems to be most age groups experience the same thing. Families just aren’t getting together as much as they used to. Friends are not going over to each other’s houses. There is some sort of isolation between human beings that is occurring because we are infiltrated with devices and alternative ways to stay connected.

The lack of human touch in society now is creating issues and I will address this further in an article to come.

No matter how you look at it we are in the throes of human behavior changing, evolving into something that has been heavily influenced by technology and social media. Only years down the road will we be able to look back and see where it all began. And I think what we will find it was right around now.

As always, thoughts and opinions are welcomed in discussion.

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Chronicles of a Childless Mother


Only since freeing myself from the confines of birth control have I been able to fully feel my body.

Every thing. The changes. Physical activity and gym results can actually be felt, sensed and measured. Each muscle I work, every ache and pain.

During the 48 hour span that happens twelve times a year, I feel like an alien. Eggs. I have eggs. And they move in tubes inside my body.

What about that doesn’t sound completely insane?!

The thoughts that accompany it…from reassessing my worth as a human to imagining myself as a mother or wife. Wondering if any of that will ever actually happen.

The window is closing…although I’m unsure of how quickly. The inability to put a time frame on these things is maddening in itself.

How long do I have if I want to be a mother? I’ve thought about it and waited 3 decades to decide. And now that I have, I fear it won’t happen and I’ll be left with no connection with this unmade part of me.

I’ve never been proposed to, so maybe I’m just not wife material. I might not be the type of person someone can see themselves getting older with.

These are some of the thoughts that plague the mind of a 39 year old unmarried and childless woman hitting the next stage of her life.

It feels more like a collision course set for hell on some days.

Comments and supportive conversation welcomed!

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Human Beings: Creating Problems Where There Are None 

Is it that need for drama? The importance we feel when we’re solving crazy issues? The satisfaction in seeing the back end of resolution?

Maybe all of these things factor into why we, as human beings, find the need to create problems where there don’t need to be.

Social media. We could say that there are problems that have arisen from this. Behaviorial disorders being at the top of the list. * We definitely created that. Not with the intention of causing drama or more racism, but that is the underlying effect.

Bathroom gender segregation. This isn’t the first time we as humans have had issues with our defecation locations. The bathroom situation should have always been unisex for public places. Set up for whomever chooses to use it. Individual spaces for everyone. Making them gender specific in the first place seems to be another case of making a problem where there wasn’t one.

General butthurt. Yes, this is a useable grammatical phrase now. Communication has turned into a process that receives negative connotations. We are supposed to mind our own business and respect the individuality of others…but how are we supposed to learn unless we respectfully ask questions?

Take criticism!! Not everyone will like you or your thoughts and not everyone has to. Sensitivity to a degree is great if we’re applying it to the correct situation.

If we make it a point to be more aware each day, I’m almost certain that communication would open back up and we’d feel closer to our friends and family again.


The fine art of Control and Letting Go

Whether by choice or not, letting go of things like material possessions, incidences or emotional pain will enable you to better adapt to change and be more free. Not being tied to material things or emotion allows you to think more clearly about the present and future. Think of Spring cleaning. Don’t you feel incredibly better when the house is organized and free of clutter?  Our minds and emotions function much in the same way.

Control seems to coincide a bit with letting go. The more we feel the need to control situations or people, the less likely we are to be able to let go. I tried to think of it in terms of can I actually do something about this? Or is the outcome Beyond My Control anyway and am I feeling myself with needless worry?

During 2010 my house burned down and I lost just about everything. Whatever wasn’t completely lost was definitely damaged and I had to say goodbye to a lot of sentimental things. That incident definitely changed the rest of my life because now I don’t have an extreme attachment to material possessions like I used to. I had things that I thought I could not live without, then they were taken from me without my say-so and I was left with a decision. 

Either let it destroy me or get through it with a new lease on life. I chose the latter.

Something that came out of the tragedy was the feeling of knowing I needed very little to actually be happy and survive on top of being very grateful for the possessions that I did have. And I’m telling you, moving was a whole lot easier when everything just fit in the trunk of a car. Lol

I also enjoy having room for new possessions to enjoy. There’s only SO much room to live in and utilizing it with important materials makes so much sense.