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Sleep Bio for Overachievers💤

I require much less sleep to function at the optimal level than most. 6-7 is great. More than 7 is way too much & I’ll feel lethargic and groggy.

Sleep is hard and solid for the first 2-3 hours, I fall asleep quickly. But during the last 2 hours of the nights sleep, I can awaken easily. Then it’s difficult to return to sleep. I wake up in the morning with the most energy of the day. Within 5 minutes of opening my eyes, I’m ready to go. Think, plan, work out, clean. By 3:30, my energy plateaus and then it’s time to begin winding down for evening.

It’s 8:10 pm now, dark…I’m craving sweets and about ready to get into super chill mode.

Have a great night everyone!!

Creative Writing

Busy 🐝🐝

Writing has been unfortunately in a far of corner of my mind side business has picked up.

As with any artistic expression, it must come from within or its meaningless and boring. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve been jotting down snippets of topics to discuss. Points I’m pretty determined to make. Questions I have that I want perspective on.

Keep it to snippets and perhaps the frequency would follow…

Until later…

-your friendly neighborhood spiderchik

Creative Writing

The Detail Devil

I notice all of them.

Patterns. In behaviors, in clouds, in the mind.

Being able to not only notice the tiny details of something, but to categorize those details into smaller groups helps a person become aware.

Its about being present in the moment. Experience the holding on of time. Savoring it. Thinking of it while it’s happening so hard that you can taste it. I recall moments passing me by and wondering what I could do to make the amazing ones last longer.

The way I learned to capture moments by noticing details was aided through meditation. Although I could stand to keep a routine practice, the senses that were once fine tuned during mediating remain as such.

Being able to put down a phone, get away from your day and spend time settling your head does wonders. As well as leaving you with lasting positive effects.

Be well and happy weekend!


Creative Writing

Purrmaids, Mercats & Originality in the Tech Age

It’s so #simple to #share ideas now. Within the simplicity of this action lies a great amount of turmoil. 

The creative process is just that. A creative. Process. It evolves and it varies. From person to person. From instance to instance. It’s our own thing. Sometimes we make it up and have excellent results.

Now if we #share every aspect of our creative process by live video or by detailed photographic instruction, we are training someone else how to do it. Essentially…giving away our secrets and processes that make us able to create these stand out, truly original pieces. 

As an artist, I feel it is vital to house within ourselves a bit of mystery in the public eye. It gives an edge and creates an excellent platform from which to market.

Don’t share everything. Don’t tell everyone your processes and the secrets that make your work unique. 

Its a struggle to find something that hasn’t been done before because we spend so much time looking at other people’s work. Comparing. Attempting to use it as inspiration, but there’s a fine line between inspiration and an elaborate copy. Where do you draw the line?

Here’s my #1 idea for inspiration: Get off social media for 2 full weeks, minimum. Completely off. No posting, no trolling. 

Instead: Write. Sketch. Draw. Go for walks and take your pad with you. Draw everything you see…then draw mashups of what you see. Allow yourself to dive, I mean REALLY GTF IN your own mind. Try new mediums. Paint, markers, pencils, chalk. Strive for something that’s never been done. Something you’ve never seen.

If you’ve fine this and are still dry on crearivity: Visit my friend and fellow artist Noah Scalin’s Creative Sprint site and buy his book. It will definitely get you going, as it did me. 

Find yourself….get lost there. It will surprise you what treasures you find buried beneath the rubble of social media and judgement! 

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Combining Sea and Space

Happy Tuesday! 

Moving to the coast coupled with a plethora of Alien and Star Trek movies has given me ideas about space tentacles on shells. In the link is one of the pendants listed on Etsy I had fun creating with a mini key.

It’s not my favorite though…pictured here in this post is the purple and teal one I made that I’m I love with and will likely keep!

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Pieces for Sale in Shop

Mermaid Tail Pillows Offer Comfort and Peaceful Sleep

HI there!

I wanted to talk more about my design for this mermaid tail pillow and introduce you to the reasoning behind the custom shape I designed.

From sitting in an office chair most of my working career, I developed shoulder and neck pains. The size and design of this pillow allow you to not only lean against it for back support but hold it to your side or prop it up for neck support while on a couch or chair. Also great to use as a yoga prop for restorative positions.

The fins are stuffed with soothing organic herbs like lavendar or chamomile to further evoke the sense of relaxation.  

I hope you enjoy the Etsy store items and the information available here on my blog. 

pillow link

Be Well!

Pieces for Sale in Shop

Catching Up and Etsy

In the social media world I had been neglecting the Etsy store a little bit. It gets pretty confusing out there trying to run a little side business… Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, LinkedIn, WordPress. 

Where does one find the time?!?

To run a successful side business online it seems that there has to be a plethora of posting done every week in order to get everybody’s attention. With the algorithms on the social media sites, especially Facebook lately, you never know who is seeing what you post and whether anybody is seeing it at all.

I think we worry about overloading people when in actuality we need to bombard them. Say 100 messages a week we put out maybe reach only 50 people once. Did anyone even SEE it twice? Marketing needs to be consistent and repeated with the same message or imagery in order to sink in and be recognized.

The technology age offers marketing and advertising challenges that I’m sure none of us could have predicted. Now we are left with our creative minds and skill-set to try to sort through this mess to get our message, product or service seen.

That being said… come visit me on Etsy 🙂 Curious Spider