A Spiderchik trapped in a human body…resisting for so long.

Now she’s out!

Excited for this leg of the journey.


Side note: musically, I do not like Journey or 10,000 maniacs.


Born and raised in rural western Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh, I grew up relatively sheltered and lacked the adventure that I knew was out there. I left home when I was 19 and haven’t looked back!

I stayed in Winston Salem NC for awhile before ending my 10 year pointless relationship and packed up everything i owned in my Jetta with Frankie…my cat…and bolted. We did Ween tour for a stint, ended up in Texas with plans to reside in Cali…but those plans fell through last minute.

As I sat in Austin Texas looking at that big starry sky, I decided to go back to Pittsburgh, finish my degree and live in the city near family.

After a miserable decade in the frozen tundra…the golden topaz in my pillow gave me the strength and insight to make dreams manifest.


Now I live in sunny, beautiful Wilmington NC with one of my best long time friends and loving companion. I couldn’t have dreamed things quite this good. But, you have to believe you deserve happiness before can find you.  🙂