Creative Writing

Purrmaids, Mercats & Originality in the Tech Age

It’s so #simple to #share ideas now. Within the simplicity of this action lies a great amount of turmoil. 

The creative process is just that. A creative. Process. It evolves and it varies. From person to person. From instance to instance. It’s our own thing. Sometimes we make it up and have excellent results.

Now if we #share every aspect of our creative process by live video or by detailed photographic instruction, we are training someone else how to do it. Essentially…giving away our secrets and processes that make us able to create these stand out, truly original pieces. 

As an artist, I feel it is vital to house within ourselves a bit of mystery in the public eye. It gives an edge and creates an excellent platform from which to market.

Don’t share everything. Don’t tell everyone your processes and the secrets that make your work unique. 

Its a struggle to find something that hasn’t been done before because we spend so much time looking at other people’s work. Comparing. Attempting to use it as inspiration, but there’s a fine line between inspiration and an elaborate copy. Where do you draw the line?

Here’s my #1 idea for inspiration: Get off social media for 2 full weeks, minimum. Completely off. No posting, no trolling. 

Instead: Write. Sketch. Draw. Go for walks and take your pad with you. Draw everything you see…then draw mashups of what you see. Allow yourself to dive, I mean REALLY GTF IN your own mind. Try new mediums. Paint, markers, pencils, chalk. Strive for something that’s never been done. Something you’ve never seen.

If you’ve fine this and are still dry on crearivity: Visit my friend and fellow artist Noah Scalin’s Creative Sprint site and buy his book. It will definitely get you going, as it did me. 

Find yourself….get lost there. It will surprise you what treasures you find buried beneath the rubble of social media and judgement! 


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