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Sands of Time

There’s a wrustling of the tall grass behind the crashing of the waves, coaxing to shore or softly is the Nor’easter wind. The m

ist that sprays is at least 2 feet tall and interludes of Serenity pass through when the wind quiet.

The gritty calmness inside this natural chaos is my safe place.

People mill about but I barely notice because all I hear is crash and splash.

The sand gets picked up in a cyclone of wind and performs a lovely dance for me, circling and swirling in perfect time the rhythm around me. Used inside every movement can be felt as an internal touch and connection with this place in time.

It stretches, it’s expanse. It touches from me to you anytime we need it to.


Social Media Break Social Media Break

Instagram is my thing.

I’ve always enjoyed photos and capturing moments. Some of the only memories I have of loved ones lost are contained in those snapshots.

FB (Facebook) I can do without and have been feeling this way for a few years now. The app is deleted from my devices, I have logged out of the browser (which put a virus on my phone, by the way!) and I’m getting phone numbers of those I wish to speak with or text.

The recent information breach has left Mark Zuckerberg holding a torch he is desperately looking to pass. You can tell in recent interviews that his social media baby has grown into a monster he can’t control. I imagine this was a fun platform he developed, possibly hoping to bring people together…instead, it’s evolved into a digital cesspool of falsely shared information and a war zone for keyboard warriors to engage in battle.

I joined somewhere around 2008 or 2009 upon the suggestion of a friend. Initially, I kept in touch with family for our hefty 120 person reunion each year. Even that has slowly fizzled and this year I will be getting phone and email info from everyone.

Social media has caused a lot of society to become little lambs that are in search of constant validation from others. Obsessing over the number of likes they receive as if it somehow makes you a better person if you have more likes. And maybe you think to yourself right now, that’s not me! I’m well aware of this and I can control it. But we are not conscious of is the slow wearing day after day that this does on the psyche and behaviors. I invite you to take a social media break from Facebook for at least a week.

Can you even do it?

If you can do it and if you will, I can guarantee you that your mind will feel unchaind from the confines of society and you may be able to once again get lost in the individual that you were born to be.

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Direction and where to go

Mind opening experiences are good for the soul and allow us to notice pathways for sharing that may not have been there before.

A clarity like no other that will allow you the insight for direction.

I write from this place- my mind and soul…unaware if anyone is even reading this.

I like that. No pressure. No likes needed. Conversation always welcomed. We can even meet up and talk if you want.

I’m a face to face’er.

Dying breed.

Memoirs to come…

Yours So Very Truly,


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Porch Swing

The slow sounds of the liquid drip….drop…splash…against the leaves. Against the concrete.

Commerce is a delicate hum in the distance, carrying its voice through the fog and the moisture.

The feathered ones chime in periodically as they awaken. I imagine them broadcasting the morning traffic report to each other and sharing news of the ocean from seagulls.

Busting through the silence is a shirtless running man. His sneakers sound sandy and gritty as they scuff against pavement. He doesn’t see me. Silent observing from the veil of the porch swing shadow.

Only ten minutes has passed, but the fog is already lifting and the sky is splitting open to reveal the light underbelly of the new day.

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Watercolor & Painting

Previously, I didn’t like watercolors.

At all.

I hated the opaque transparency and how they didn’t layer with a thickness of acrylic.

Maybe it’s the ocean air…perhaps the new fascination of painting the watery subject matter around me…but my new love of watercolor has ignited because of watercolor pens. Its one of those annoying IG ads that popped up….but it was a wonderful experience.

Using various techniques with salt, sand, oil & alcohol an effect can be created that adds depth and feeling to a watercolor painting. No more single layer transparency.

Art is not defined anyway…who says watercolors can’t be reinvented with a thickness of blood?

I, for one, enjoy breaking molds.

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Inspiration versus Imitation

I feel like a broken episode of Black Mirror on technological repeat, but with my age and existence I’m stuck in this constant realization of the way things were versus the way things are.

This topic of thought arose from my own personal battle between inspiration and imitation. With social media, there’s little to be left to the imagination in the personal arena. While Instagram is a flurry of artistry, I think that artists are giving way too much away.

As an artist, your art and your craft is your own technique and that’s what makes the soul of what you are creating. Almost like a trademark. I truly believe that they are personal and are not to be shared. Sharing the finished product is something different. But the process by which it’s created is the personality that I Infuse into it and that is the intimate ritual.

There is an overtone of hippocracy if you are videotaping a process & posting it online and then becoming angry because somebody created something similar to yours.

There must be secrets in order to avoid imitation. Then the only thing left is inspiration.

There lies the difference.

Example: I see a real skull that has crystals fastened to it with clay. Its purple with quartz. Now, if I attempt to replicate it…that’s imitation.

If I use the idea of clay with bone and crystals to create a sculpture, then THAT is inspiration.

No matter how you view it, creating something no one has ever seen is quite the task for an artist. I’m confident originality still exists, we just need to look beyond what we know to find the freedom to see it.